My fortnightly plastic footprint

Tenhle článek je reakcí na výzvu Anity Horan -  “bojovnice proti plastům”, je proto v angličtině, myslím, že to dáte. Výzva má za cíl snížit objem plastového odpadu, a tady je analýza našeho plastového koše po prvním týdnu výzvy.

According to Anita Horan’s challenge I’ve tried to reduce our plastic rubisch. We are family of 4 - 2 adults and 2 teenagers. At the begin of this year we produced min. 2 bags (one for 22l) of plastic waste. And we’ve stopped to buy bottled water and thing like this already before. Now we produce only 1 bag ( weight of last bag was 678g). So now, challenge was accepted…. And here we go.

First week of challenge: I’ve kept my habits about shopping and, but I’ve tried to speak a little bit about it with family. So result is bag of 570 grams. And this is it!

Tetra packs:
Reis Creme Cuisine 250ml - I usually use 1 or 2 per month. This is something to improve - how it replace?
Reis Milk 1l - of course, it is possible to make my own, but we drink it so little and not so often, that the power and cost of own is not viable.
BioMilk 1l, two pieces - have no idea to buy it to glass bottle. There is no farmer or some shop where this is possible. Kids drink usually one or two packs  per week.

Plastice coverage:
Gouda cheese - I missed farmer market last week :-(
Mozarella - there is not possible to buy it on farmers market. Usually i used one piece for Friday’s pizza.
Goat Cheese package - we bought this kind of goat cheese only sometimes as a deli.
Rice noodles - I have no idea where to buy it in a bulk….
Pasta - I have no idea where to buy it in a bulk….
Plastic wrap, two pieces with broccoli - my fault, bad preparation for weekly cooking.
Tofu - one pices - I have no idea where to buy it in a bulk. There is possibility to buy it in real (Dresden) in paper/plastic wrapping. I use tofu 1x - 2x per month.
Coffeepods - yes, my shame. I’m addicted to coffee. I buy pods (in paper), which are in amount of 40 in plastic bag, I use about 2-3 per month. The reason why I don’t buy coffee in a bulk is, that I use coffeemaker, which is my “friend” and I don’t want to throw it away. I’m simply waiting to it’s “end” :-(
A different pieces of plastic package of devices 112 grams - it is result of annual (Xmas) decluttering.
Marsmallows - daughter bought it for friend. It happens not so often…. :-)
Two small plastic bags - it is result of annual (Xmas) decluttering.
Cheese Wafers - yes, my shame. I had to have it :-(
Plastic package of car (toy) - it is result of annual (Xmas) decluttering.
Bag of Pertilex - washing powder, I put a little bit of Pertilex to my own washing powder. So I buy it  1x - 2x per year.
Margarin box, 2 pieces - I don’t eat butter, but I love bread with “butter” and marmelade… :-( And my son eats it with ham.
Plastic wrap of cotton pads - yes, I have to make my own terry washable pads…
WokVegetable - again, my shame - bad preparation for weekly cooking. If I plan better I would buy a vegetable in farmers shop.
Soya - the same as WokVegetable plastic bag - I hadn’t planed and then I had to use the easiest way to buy for dinner :-(
Ham - not my fault!!! Son ate all the ham bought in a bulk to my glass box, so husband bought ham in supermarket.
Cookies - yes, our shame. Kids wanted cookies or cakes and me, pour me….. Bought cookies for them in supermarket.
Gnocchi, 4 bags - yes, I know. I plan to prepare my own gnocchi!!!
Cabbage - not my fault, husband bought it ;-)
Frozen spinach - there is no fresh spinach on the market yet. Solving? Not to eat spinach out of season….
Smoked meat - my husband ate it….
Corn for popcorn - I have no idea where to buy it in a bulk….

Coke - son bought by himself. What to do….
Vinegar - I have no idea where to buy it in a bulk….