Fortnightly plastic footprint - 2

Dnes se hrabu v koši. Je tady konec výzvy Anity Horan, která spočívá ve sledování plastového odpadu za dva týdny. Výsledky je třeba podrobit kritické analýze a vyvodit patřičné závěry, takže začínáme.

Second week of challenge: I’ve tried to decrease our plastic waste - I did or didn’t some decisions when shopping and in the free time. I didn’t allow to husband to buy sausage on the Xmas market (they had only plastic bags for goods) and we didn’t drink hot vine (all the salers had only plastic - mostly styrofoam  - cups). For my trip to Prague I took some utilities of mine eg. ….and of course my own jar and cup. So here we go….

Tetra packs:
BioMilk 1l, two pieces - have no idea to buy it to glass bottle. There is no farmer or some shop where this is possible. Kids drink usually one or two packs  per week.
Cranberry Juice 1l, one box - Annie drinks it only sometimes

Plastic coverage:
Tofu - one piece - I have no idea where to buy it in a bulk. There is possibility to buy it in real (Dresden) in paper/plastic wrapping. I use tofu 1x - 2x per month.
Margarin box, 2 pieces - I don’t eat butter, but I love bread with “butter” and marmelade… :-( And my son eats it with ham.
Cream cheese, 2 boxes - my husband eats it, have no idea how to buy it in a bulk
GingerBread, 1 piece - bought a weeks ago as a snack
GingerBreas with chocolate, 1 box  and plastic wrap- bought a weeks ago as a dezert
Mozartballs - so missed Lofer and Alpas, that I had to buy something Austrian…
BrownSugar, 1 piece - I didn’t buy enogh of sugar in
GoatCheese, 1 piece - bought as a something “protein” for our vegetable lunch
Plastic bag, 1 piece - I have no idea, how did it get there….
Soda, 1 bottle - I really have to order it in a bulk from e-shop!
Pads bags, 2 pieces - yes, but sometime in the future about this topic.
Plastic bubble envelops, 2 pieces - my two parcels from last week
Plastic envelop, 1 piece - my only magazine, ordered last year and no more from now
Cookies - small package of muesli hearts, 3 pieces - I buy it sometimes as a snack for kids (...but where is the 4. one?)
Pizza cover, 4 pieces - I make my own dough for traditional Friday’s pizza, but last Friday - I was in Prague to meet Bea Johnson :-)
Pea soup ball, 1 piece - I bought it about 1 year ago and...forgot it. So now it was over and we had to throw away including the content ….grrr, so wasty!
Broken clothes hanger

No one :-)

And the weight? 285 grams….. It is decreasing, what is super :-)
So, the results? There are many things to be improved. Especially I see a big opportunities in better planning - as you can note in results of the first week. I bought a lot of packed food, because I wasn’t prepared for my daily cooking properly. According to shopping of packed vegetable during previous week - I have an idea to prepare my own boxes of vegetable mixture for diferent meal (soup mix, asia mix, atc.) - it is possible to buy a lot of vegie and make a few of packs or boxes to freezer.  
Further point - there are cookies etc., it is simply necessary to prepare my own to stockpile (vs. ginger breads in last week).
Butter and margarin are special chapter. I don’t eat butter and I think it is possible to eat bread with - only - jam or honey (without butter or margarin). And for son I could buy normal butter.